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Google Maps User Discovers A ‘Green Portal To The Planet.’

An incredible mystery was discovered this week by a Google enthusiast through google maps in the middle of the desert in Peru. Others too believed that the “green portal” appeared to be something beyond planet earth. The majority of the people were convinced that the green portal on google maps is a way to an alien planet.

The green dot was discovered in the desert of Peru and it appeared close to the Nazca lines(between 500 BC and AD 500) Nazca lines consist of 300 figures of animals and plants drawn on the desert. According to Eric Von Daniken, a Swiss author, the runways of an ancient airstrip used by extraterrestrial spacecraft were the Nazca Lines. The majority of internet users believed that the green dot must be linked with extraterrestrials.

Nazca Lines in desert peru linked close to the green dot discovered through google maps
Image: Reuters

One commenter said: “Per has ancient pyramids as well, implying that the Egyptian pyramids were built by the same ancient aliens. You’re more than welcome.”

“Congratulations human, you have discovered the portal to our realm…” said another.

One user, though, seems to have a plausible explanation for the “dot.”

“Perhaps someone shone a bright green laser pointer at an aircraft taking those photographs,” they speculated. However, it seemed implausible that someone in that deserted region would be doing so.

the green dot

Some conspiracy theorists believed that the Nazca lines might be a landing site for a UFO.

ufo landing site as believed by theorists
Image: Reuters

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