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The Girl Who is Only 17 Years Old Fights a Bear to Protect her Dogs.

We Viraltrendzs, have something about a really interesting incident caught on tape regarding a 17 years old girl saving her dogs from a bear walking on the fence of her house.

Video credits: USA TODAY

After the big bear swiped at her dogs, the 17-year-old California girl was seen on tape forcing the beast off her fence.

Hailey Morinico, the 17 years old girl said, “The dog who was grabbed by the bear is the baby dog, she’s still a baby. My job was to protect the baby.”

The bear and her cubs were walking on the fence in a home at Bradbury, east of Los Angeles and suddenly the dogs started attacking the bear. Then the cubs flew away but the bear kept on fighting back.

It was when this 17 year old girl showed up,

She said in a TikTok video, she went into the bear and looked it in the eyes, pushed her hard enough to lose her balance.


#duet with @tempurashrimp here is the famous cousin Hailey! #bear #ohno #cousinhailey

♬ original sound – blank 🐛

At last she said, “Do not push bears, you might not have the same outcome,” which is to be true. You are not always benefited with what you do, things won’t always go right, there are instances where you’ll end up hurting yourself too so don’t try this anywhere unless it doesn’t kill a life.

Incidents like these are very rare, in a society where people kill thousands of animals this little brave girl saves her little puppy from a scary predator. She’s a very good example for the modern day people.

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