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German Shepherd Brought Into The World Without Back Paws Figuring Out How To Walk With Prosthetics.

Thanks to a pair of custom-made prosthetics, a german shepherd puppy born without his hind legs and paws are learning to walk.

After being equipped with prosthetic legs and paws, Ryder, a German shepherd mix, has seen his life completely changed.

Ryder had to learn to walk with his new limbs and can be seen in the adorable footage attempting to do it in a slightly shaky fashion.

The dog even had a waistcoat on so that his handler could help him up if he was struggling.

Ryder made noticeable gains as time went on and he practiced more, and he ultimately learned to walk much more comfortably on his prosthetics.

(YouTube/CBS Miami)

Ryder’s is recovering every day because of hydrotherapy treatments and a lot of dedication.

Ryder’s treatment is overseen by Dr. Marta Sanchez-Emden of the Animal Health and Rehab Center in South Miami.

She told CBS Miami that he had walked like a kangaroo his whole life, with his stomps hopping at the same time.

“So we want to teach him how to walk with his spine horizontal than just down like previously, and how to utilize one leg and then the other like a normal gait,” says the doctor.

Ryder is now “nice and calm” with the prosthetics, according to her, and should go on to enjoy a healthy life.

(YouTube/CBS Miami)

“He should be able to run, jump, and do everything else he wants.”

What a nice young man!

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