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How The “Game of Thrones” Characters Should Really Look Like

More than 6 seasons, the Game of Thrones TV series, in view of the series of novels A Song of Ice and Fire, figured out how to gather millions of loyal fans who appear to know totally everything about the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms. However, a significant number of the screen images are a long way from the original creations in the book.

We at Viraltrendzs chose to discover how the characters made by George R. R. Martin should look, and we share our observations with you.

Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones
image credits : hbo.com
image credits : hbo.com

On the book’s pages, the Mother of Dragons had an exemplary Valyrian appearance: silver hair and violet eyes.

Jon Snow

image credits : hbo.com

The book presents Jon to the reader as a dim haired, gray-eyed young fellow.

Bran Stark

image credits : hbo.com

George R. R. Martin concluded that Bran, similarly his blood brothers, would acquire his mom’s appearance: dim blue eyes and reddish brown colored hair.


image credits : hbo.com

As per the book, Jon Snow’s just love has highlights that are very unique in relation to the wonderful screen image: bright red messy hair, a snub nose, and slightly crooked teeth.

Tywin Lannister

image credits : hbo.com

The head of the House of Lannister was considered as the owner of a mustache, beard, thick sideburns, and a clean-shaven head.

Tyrion “The Imp” Lannister

image credits : hbo.com
image credits : hbo.com

The Imp’s book version is almost different from his TV series image. To match with the original source, Peter Dinklage’s hair ought to be whitish, one eye ought to be black, the other – green. As indicated by the book, after the Battle of Blackwater Bay Tyrion lost 3/4 of his nose and a piece of his lip, yet the producer chose to restrict themselves to just scars all over.

Tommen Baratheon

image credits : hbo.com

King Tommen ought to have shown up before the viewers as a plump kid with green eyes and golden curls.

Theon Greyjoy

image credits : hbo.com

Interestingly with the TV version, the book presents the heir of the Iron Islands as a darker looking, dark-haired man.

Yara (Asha) Greyjoy

image credits : hbo.com

In the TV series, Theon’s sister changed her name (Asha to Yara) yet additionally her appearance: she ought to have had short dark hair, a sharp and huge nose, and weathered skin on her face.

Euron “Crow’s Eye” Greyjoy

image credits : hbo.com

In the facial highlights of Euron from the TV series, we can barely perceive his book version. According to George R. R. Martin, he ought to have been a brunet with perfect facial hair growth, with his right eye blue, and the left one covered with a leather patch.

Brienne of Tarth

image credits : hbo.com

In the TV series, Brienne was regularly scoffed at due to her strange appearance. In any case, there she doesn’t have the big mouth, crooked teeth, and freckled face as her character in the book does.

Oberyn “The Red Viper” Martell

image credits : hbo.com

Pedro Pascal, who played the Prince of Dorne, compares to the book description quite well, yet his hair ought to be slightly longer and turning gray.

Ramsay Bolton

image credits : hbo.com

The author attempted to show up Ramsay as terrible and horrendous as the character’s personality. According to the first thought, the skin on his face was pink and pimply, his nose was wide, his mouth – little, and his hair long and dry. He had close-set washy eyes, which resembled two pieces of dirty ice.

Daario Naharis

image credits : hbo.com

In the book, one of the commanders of Daenerys has blue hair and a trident-shaped beard of a similar shading, while his mustache was painted golden.

Lancel Lannister

image credits : hbo.com

When Lansel became one of the “sparrows” and appealed to the Faith of the Seven, his appearance had changed a lot l in the book: his hair became white as chalk, and his face got gray. The creators of the show chose to designate the changes in his life with another hair cut only.

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