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Amazing Bible Gun That Can Be Fired Without Opening the Book

Is there a better location to conceal a gun, or should we say disguise a gun, than within a Bible? The Bible’s gun chamber has a 17th-century gun that has been concealed inside it. It was designed in such a manner that the weapon may be discharged without the need to open the book.

Here at Viraltrendzs, we’d like to share some fascinating facts with you regarding the Bible Gun.

Venetian artisans created this Bible Gun in the second half of the 17th century for Doge Francesco Morosini. A key period of the Great Turkish War was spent under Francesco Morosini’s leadership as Venice’s Doge (1688-1694). Even if the book is closed, the pistol in the chamber will still be able to fire. In order to fire, you must drawback on the silk bookmark. The work is now on exhibit in the Museo Correr in Venice.

Francesco Morosini (image credits : Wikipedia)

Facts regarding this amazing bible pistol will be included in Lorenzo Cittone’s book Venise, L’hiver Et L’ete, De Pres Et De Loin. As mentioned by Lorenzo, the Correr Museum in Venice has a display cabinet housing Morosini’s prayers book. In addition to some prayers, the bible has a buttless pistol. He also remarked on how beautiful the book’s binding was. And, as Lorenzo pointed out, removing the pistol is next to impossible after the book has been shut.

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