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Foot Locker Manager Cummed In Shoes Before Handing Client To Try On

People in Brampton, Ontario, say that the manager of the store at Bramalea City Centre cummed in shoes before putting them on the shop floor for people to try on. And that’s before he goes on the internet and brags about his disgusting behavior.

Darion Kydd, a Mississauga resident, was the one who brought all of this to the public’s attention. He used his social media accounts to share videos and photographs of the incident which he captured. His recordings included images of himself entirely nude in the store’s inventory room. Several additional films show him ejaculating inside a trainer before giving the product to a customer.

image credits : jon Kent/Bristol Live

According to a statement published by Footlocker in BlogTO, the company is dedicated to managing its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards possible. Furthermore, they had said that such behavior would not be accepted at their place of business.

Image credits : Twitter

They also mentioned that they are aware of the event and that they are taking the necessary procedures to rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

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