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Fisherman shares a strange ‘suction cup’ fish that can stick to walls.

A fisherman has posted a video of an unusual ‘suction cup’ fish he captured that can cling to walls for quite a while.

Blake Hass, a TikTok celebrity, grabbed the lumpfish while out at sea and wanted to video it so he could show his 108,000 fans.

He added that these fish have a suction cup on their bottoms that allows them to cling to a wall even when they are out of the water.

Blake went on to say that kissing these fish on the lips before tossing them back in the water is considered lucky. So he also did it although he didn’t video it.

Lumpfish with a suction cup on the bottom side of them.

Lumpfish with a suction cup on the bottom side of them.

“We catch these lumpfish that has a suction cup on the bottom side of them a lot of times in the summer,” the fisherman Blake stated in the video.

“If you attach them to a flat surface, they can actually cling and hold there for quite a long.”

“They believe kissing them on the lips before throwing them back is good luck, so that’s what we did.”

The video quickly went viral, with over seven million views in the first three days, as well as 637,000 likes and almost 3,000 comments.

“That’s really cute,” one person commented. “I’d hang them on my fridge.”

“Bruh, I’d be sticking him to everything,” said another.

“You’re joking right, you don’t truly kiss the fish – right?” remarked a third, who had a pressing question.

Have you ever seen a lumpfish? Tell us in the comments what you think.

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