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First-Ever Photographs of a Rare Yellow Penguin

The Yellow Penguin is a beautiful example of nature’s ability to show off its creative talents. Wildlife photographers seldom get to capture these kinds of moments, and this is one of the few ones I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Yves Adams is a professional photographer and a tour guide. Adams discovered this odd critter while on a vacation to an island in South Georgia in 2019. Our team at Viraltrendzs thought you would enjoy seeing this beautiful creature up close.

Photo Courtesy & More info: Yves Adams


Adams had no words to describe what he witnessed. Photographs of this amazing creature were captured with stunning accuracy thanks to him. Atop that, there were approximately a hundred thousand more colonies on the island. However, there was just one yellow penguin there.


As soon as Adams arrived, he studied the strange sight and determined that it was the result of a pigment anomaly. This rare mutation, known as ‘Leucism,’ only affects one out of every 20,000 to 14,000 individuals.  Nothing like this has ever been captured before: an actual photograph of a ‘yellow penguin,’ in its natural habitat.


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