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Fashion model Nova said she could be ‘naked’ in a ‘dental floss’ bikini

A ridiculous video of a model wearing a fashion Nova bikini was unbearably hot for some viewers, with some viewers on Instagram lamenting she could be “naked”

More Info & Image Courtesy: Daily Star

Fashion Nova has told a model that she can “be naked” by covering her bikini so that her luggage disappears completely. The U.S. fashion brand shared a video of herself wearing a swimsuit on Instagram on Monday (August 23), describing her website as selling “cheap” and “sexy” clothes. In the clip, the model appears on the beach in front of the ocean and runs her hands through her long wet hair. Before pushing her peachy deer in the red hot display, bend her hips and rub her hands all over her body.

Fashion model Nova said she could be 'naked' in a 'dental floss' bikini

The yellow bikini is just the thread on the back and it is invisible on her chest while some viewers are diluted and others are a bit confused. The video, titled “I float every day, but I’m not a dentist,” was uploaded to Instagram and has been “liked” more than 20,000 times and received hundreds of reviews. One viewer said: “This seems like an extreme inconvenience.” “Mum might be naked um [shaking my head],” someone else lamented. The third user wrote: “Unfortunately, this is not allowed on most beaches.”

Fashion model Nova said she could be 'naked' in a 'dental floss' bikini

Another said: “So are we just tagging prices on threads now? “Then I will be a millionaire because of wtf.” But the revealed swimsuit was also praised and many viewers tagged their girlfriends in the ad and dared to buy it. “This is made just for you!” Another said: “I’m giving this to you for your birthday. I want to show them, sister.” The luxury sunscreen bikini in hybrid, black and chocolate colors is on sale for $ 34.98 (£ 25.50). Meanwhile, fashion fans feared that the model would accidentally shine because of the size of the bottom that the brand’s micro bikini fashionistas had abandoned.

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