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Fainting Goats: Do They Really Faint?

Many people find that autumn is an ideal season to visit family in the country. You may also go apple picking, go hay riding, or go through corn mazes throughout the autumn season, as well. As the weather becomes warmer, a lot of farm animals get a lot more attention from additional guests. Then there are some who attend local fairs or petting zoos. At these gatherings, the fainting goats, also known as Myotonic goats, are among the prettiest animals you’ll ever see. This unusual goat breed caught our attention, and we were inspired to share it with you on Viraltrendzs.

When this goat breed gets scared, the muscles in its body go entirely tight. It causes this poor creature to fall down. That unique behavior, on the other hand, has attracted the attention of certain farmers.

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The kind of goat that faints is well documented on YouTube, and you could spend hours viewing the fantastic footage of this species if you wanted to. These pets have a very unusual muscle response when they are afraid. In an instant, they stiffen to the point of falling over.

That’s not a thing to worry though. Nothing painful happens to the goats; they’re OK within 10-20 seconds of the reaction fading away. The procedure is thought to have been caused by a rare genetic defect that has somehow been passed down from generation to generation.

The fact that these goats are kept as pets across the globe, or are bred for milk and meat, suggests that human purpose may have been a factor. It’s a good thing that they’ve got a fainting reflex. This is owing to the fact that it significantly reduces the likelihood of their jumping over fences and running when they are terrified.

It’s mostly because of a hereditary problem with the chloride channel in the muscles of the skeleton. This weird thing happens all the time. A mistake in the CLCN1 gene was found in goats that had the disease. When alanine is replaced by proline in the amino acid sequence, muscle fiber chloride channels become less effective in transporting chloride ions. It happens in a sequence of seven amino acids. It is also because of this that after a goat moves involuntarily, its muscles need to rest for a longer time. 

According to popular belief, the vast majority of fainting goats were first seen in Tennessee in the 1880s. At the time, reports of goat sightings were received from five different Tennessee counties. Marshall, Giles, Lawrence, Maury, and Coffee are among the countries that fall within this category. A farmer who was aware of the goats’ existence and wanted to show it to his neighbors brought a few specimens to Texas from Tennessee.

It is impossible for these goats to leap over standard-sized fences. As a result, they hunt for openings in the ground through which they may crawl below the fences. Farmers found them more appealing because of their odd behavior. So many of the farmers fenced in their goats with stone walls.

As stated by the MGR (Myotonic Goat Registry), it is essential that the breed be properly maintained. That’s because there’s a lot more to it than simply muscle stiffness. The MGR cites peaceful temperament, parasite resistance, and an excellent mothering capacity as reasons to keep the breed alive. Because of this, it is clear why these goats are being bred. After everything is said and done, the primary reasons for continuing to breed these goats are their fainting behavior and, once again, the feasibility of maintaining them in lightly gated farms owing to their incapacity to leap over anything taller than 0.5m.

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