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Face Mask That Fogs Glasses Like A Bowl Of Hot Noodles

It doesn’t have to be dull to wear a mask — how about half a bowl of ramen on your face? Long days in quarantine have inspired many individuals to become creative with their face masks, resulting in humorous creations like the alien facehugger mask we featured previously on The Mission. Takahiro Shibata, a Japanese artist, has invented a 3D mask that makes you seem to have slept off halfway through a bowl of hot noodles.

Just like a genuine bowl of the stuff, your glasses will be fogged up.

We don’t make sure what materials Shibata used to create his ramen mask. Still, it has everything you’d find in a nice bowl of ramen. It’s including menma bamboo shoots, chashu braised pork, finely chopped scallions, a piece of fu wheat gluten, hot noodles, and a rich, glistening broth. But it’s when you put the mask on that the real fun begins. The trapped air from the user’s lips seeps up to fog-up their lenses, giving the effect of steam, and is designed mainly for those who wear glasses.

This Ramen Face Mask Fogs Up Your Glasses Just Like a Real Bowl of Hot Noodles
Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Takahiro Shibata

Who would want to wear a bowl of ramen on their face, particularly one that hinders their vision? That is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this quite unusual mask. It turns out that there are persons who are willing to do so. Shibata’s strange design rapidly went popular on Twitter when he shared images of it earlier this week, with many people expressing their admiration.

“Excellent technique to work with the issue of fogged-up glasses rather than fighting it!” remarked one Twitter user. “You could open a ramen shop and sell them as souvenirs!” another individual said. They’d be gone in a flash!” Others just inquired, “Where can I get one?”

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