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Expert Claim That Russia May Use Covid Computer Virus To Target West

The Russian government has created a malware tool named Covid, according to sources. Probably soon, it will be out. Pornographic websites will be used to attack phones and computers. According to researchers, Russia has spent the larger part of the previous 2 decades creating this computer virus. Several experts believe that it has the potential to infect millions of devices in the United Kingdom.

A former cyber spy has claimed that the Russian spy agencies FSB and GRU are planning a wave of cyberattacks that will be the first of their kind in history. A simple click on an enticing video is all it takes to download the computer virus onto your computer or mobile device and infect it, according to The Mirror.

To ensure safe cyber sex, employ protection as you would in the real world.

All computer and smartphone users are strongly recommended to maintain their security software up to date. When the attacker’s identity is made public, attacks may happen. All of this is done in order to be ready for any kind of attack that could occur.

The FSB and GRU in Russia are preparing to launch a wave of cyberattacks.

The FSB and GRU in Russia are preparing to launch a wave of cyberattacks.

The general public must keep all important data on a laptop without an internet connection. This will prevent the malware from accessing it.

Many economists are concerned that the assault will have severe effects on the United Kingdom’s economy.

An article published in the Sunday Times showed that the program is capable of restricting internet access. This implies that there will be no Google, Instagram, or any other messaging services available to users.

It’s possible that the infection may disable ATMs and computers. Consequently, bank account balances will be unavailable to the public. Water and electricity may also be turned off, according to experts.

The computer virus has the ability to completely block internet access.

The malware has the ability to completely block internet access.
Image credits : Sputnik/AFP

According to him, the major purpose of a cyberattack is to create as much doubt and terror as possible, as reported in the Sunday Times. According to him, such attacks would target critical infrastructures such as energy, power, natural gas, water, and transportation.

However, he believes that a loss of important medical records or a power outage might have a very negative influence on our lives.

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, there were 777 attempts to hack vital infrastructure in the preceding year. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran have all been accused of attempting to get access to four of the ten organizations targeted.

The most vulnerable are small enterprises and those who lack a basic knowledge of cyber security.

In accordance with reports in the Sun, the British cyber intelligence community is on high alert. During the next several months, they anticipate that hackers will attempt to get access to any remaining Ukrainian networks, NATO systems, or Whitehall computers.

According to a senior intelligence source, they were “well-prepared” to respond to the attack. It took them by surprise that it had not occurred as of yet.

Earlier this week, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned that a cyberattack on NATO allies may lead to a larger conflict.

According to senior intelligence sources, they are preparing for a cyber attack.

“We are aware of their expertise and understanding in this field. However, we don’t understand why they haven’t done anything yet.”

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