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Ever Seen A Green Weaver Ant Queen ?

It’s common to see weaver ants called green ants, green tree ants, and orange gasters because of their coloration. These weaver ants, who live in a nest that is eerily shaped like balloons, piqued our curiosity with their unique appearance. So, we thought it would be interesting to show them off to our readers.

The color of these arboreal ants varies from place to place across the globe. In addition to those that are red, yellow-brown, and even green in hue, it is possible to observe ones that are pale-yellow.

Small insects are a staple diet for Oecophylla ants.

It's common to see weaver ants called green ants, green tree ants, and orange gasters because of their coloration.

Currently, there are two living species of weaver ants in the Oecophylla family. However, these two weaver ant species can only be found in a few locations throughout the world. East and Southeast Asia in particular, as well as Oceania, are the main habitats for these creatures. In addition to the previously mentioned locations, it has also been detected in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. Other continents, including Africa, are home to these creatures.

These incredible ants create their nests from leaf fragments, which they weave together with larval silk to make them even more spectacular. This Oecophylla smaragdina is capable of taking over an entire tree once it has matured. Nests that are dispersed throughout a large area of trees might be used to guard a specific region in certain circumstances.

Each nest has a single queen in charge of it.

Image credits : Basile Morin

Queens lay their eggs on leaves after mating. They are then responsible for the care of the larvae and pupae that will ultimately develop into workers. Once a nest has produced eggs, they are distributed to other nests in the colony. For every colony, there is a major and minor worker ant population. Compared to major ants, which may grow to be 8-10 millimeters in length, the length of a minor ant is around half that.

Major ants are responsible for acquiring food for the colony, guarding it, and extending its territory. In contrast, when it comes to small ants, are maintained in their own nests. Along with caring for the young, they supply honeydew to other insects in the region that are on the lookout for sweet nectar. Eggs that have not been fertilized develop into males after they have been laid.

In contrast to certain other species of ants, Oecophila does not sting. They have the ability to bite, though. They, on the other hand, commonly irritate or give pain to wounds by spraying formic acid on them.

Different kinds of communication are used by these weaver ants to communicate with one another. Individuals are carried to their destinations by pheromone trails, which they follow by touching or even carrying them.

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