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Woman argues that we’ve been eating chips and ketchup packets Wrong.

Many of us enjoys eating chips and ketchups but a woman from TikToker Amelia Holdsworth argues that we’ve been eating chips and ketchup wrong all this time. And It’s really amazing to see that her method actually makes sense.

Although some individuals favor ketchup and others like mayonnaise, we can all agree that condiments are essential for eating salty chips.

When eating out, it’s very typical to be served our favorite sauces in sachets so that we may have our own share of ketchup or mayo, much to the chagrin of the environment.

While most of us would agree that emptying the contents of the sachet onto a plate, cardboard container, or straight over the food would be the normal procedure, one woman believes we’re doing it wrong.

Amelia Holdsworth argues that we’ve been doing it wrong all this time. So she has shared her way of eating chips with ketchup.

chips and ketchup
image credits: @ameliaholdsworth / TikTok

Her method makes sense right? It’s better than pouring sauce all over your hand trying to take the sauce out of the packet. The correct method is that we should dip it to the packet, it’s a bit unusual but it makes sense.

Everyone would not agree on this, but assume you are eating in a car, don’t you find it helpful rather than getting the sauce spilled all over? So we believe that Amelia’s method might save you a lot of time and aggravation in the future.

In the comments, the chip dipping approach was well-received, with one user saying, “Finally, a life hack I can truly use!”

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