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The Driver Who Followed GPS Got Stuck on the Golf Course.

According to Massachusetts police, a driver who drove his vehicle into a golf course and got trapped on the sixth hole informed investigators that his GPS software had led him astray.

Officers were dispatched to the Brae Burn County Club golf course’s sixth hole at 5 a.m. Wednesday on a complaint of an SUV stuck in the grass, according to the Newton Police Department.

The driver informed authorities that he had dropped off some pals at 2 a.m. and was using his Waze GPS, which took him to the gold course. According to the man, the darkness prompted him to make a wide curve and become trapped.

The individual is not intoxicated, according to police, and he’s free of charges. The SUV was removed from its resting place, and there were no damage caused to the golf course.

driver gets stuck on golf course after following GPS
image credits: Upi.com

Newton Police Lt. Bruce Apotheker said to WBZ-TV, “The moral of the incident is that if you are using GPS you just have to keep your eyes on the road, your eyes won’t lie. If you are going for a particular road and you see it going nowhere you can just stop and turn.”

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