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Domino’s Apologizes For Creating Pizza ‘Insulting Italy And England’

As the limited edition pizza for sale in Japan became popular, people on Domino’s left were upset about the unusual pizza that went viral after being shared on social media.

Image Courtesy: www.mirror.co.uk

Significantly, there are some things in life that people speak very harshly about. It still includes ties, a cup of tea and fish, and how to make chip pizza in the UK. The fusion food, which is only available at Domino’s in Japan, has sparked an online discussion – after many people have split up on the culinary flavor. The official account replied: “We’re sorry our fish and chip pizza caused so much trouble. We think it’s pretty tasty.

“We will be able to come up with an internal plan that we can give you for free.” The ingredients listed include a base of crunchy fish and chips, lemon, potato slices, basil, tartar sauce, and tomato sauce. The average-sized fish and chips pizza available here is on sale for $ 3,599, equivalent to $ 23. People were divided because there was no left feeling about the whole lemon slices, including the corn on the cob.

One tweet: “I was about to say I’ll try it until I see the whole donkey’s lemon chunks. Nah, sis, you have to drop it. It’s not going to burn the whole pie.” Another said: “Those lemon slices have no way of getting better.” “Yeah, it’s not so bad because I’ve seen bad fish and chips here. Lemon goes a little overboard with it, but having lemon with fish and chips is not uncommon. “I’m sure the Italians are restless at this point, even though Lamao is into disgusting pizza,” one person wrote.

But many others were diligent and fairly disappointed, and we did not give up a fish and chip pizza here. “The Japanese of the Excellent Culinary mode again,” raved one fan. “Honestly, I bet it’s with some sriracha or chili pods,” said another. One Japanese man replied: “Honestly, I had the same initial reaction, but I heard nothing but good things about this pizza.”

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