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Dog With Terminal Cancer Rejected By Four Families

We animal lovers can’t imagine a family rejecting an animal. Because it’s ill, yet that’s precisely the situation Thanos the dog found himself in. His family rejected this gorgeous dog since he had dangerous terminal cancer developing on his head and only had a few weeks to live. Thanos was thankfully welcomed into Luciano Karosas’ house in Berazategui, Buenos Aires, where he could spend the rest of his days surrounded by affection.

Due to his illness, four families had previously rejected the poor puppy while waiting to be adopted.

The 21-year-old couldn’t help but lavish this dog with affection in his last weeks after hearing how many families had abandoned him due to his condition. Four families turned me down.

Thanos had to deal with constant rejection and being returned to the animal shelter by four different households. Because they couldn’t handle the sick dog, on top of suffering from such a severe illness.

He told Portal Amigo Cao, “I came out with a piece of my heart in my palm.”

Luciano not only wanted to make Thanos’ last days as pleasant as possible. But he also wanted to save him. So he brought him to his local veterinarian clinic to see if the tumor could be removed.

According to Unilad, he remarked,

“I found it difficult to adjust to the concept of how little time we would spend together.”

“I went him to a stem cell veterinarian to see what we could do to give him a little more hope.”

He had been given 40 days to live. And he informed me there is no therapy that can prolong that time.

In his dying weeks, it made him joyful.

Luciano just decided that the two of them would make the most of the time Thanos had left after realizing that nothing could be done.

Thanos was showered with affection and care in his last weeks. But his terrible illness finally won out, and he died early this year.

“I shall love you forever,” Luciano posted on social media concerning his four-legged pal.

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