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Dog Teaches Humans A Lesson, Turn Off Tap After Drinking Water

The worldwide supply of fresh water is diminishing at an alarming rate. Managing the world’s water resources is a global problem that requires a worldwide response. Additionally, the  United Nations and other international organizations do a lot of effort to ensure that water is utilized in an environmentally responsible manner. As this video from Viraltrendzs shows, animals are far better at preserving drinking water than humans are.

A member of the Indian Police Service named Dipanshu Kabra tweeted a video showing a dog opening a tap to drink water. As soon as the dog has done drinking all the water it can stand, it will shut off the water supply with its mouth. After then, the animal reopens the tap and takes another sip of water and shuts it off again.

In a statement with the video, Mr. Kabra, who seemed to be delighted by the dog’s sense, stated, “Each and every drop of water is precious… When will humans catch on to what the dog has figured out?”

The short video, which is just 12 seconds long, has been widely shared throughout the social media platform. More than 738k people have seen it thus far.

After seeing this video, a great number of people have shared their thoughts.

One user commented that “Dogs are much better.”

Another user added, “It’s a lesson for each and every one of us. Save water, save lives.”

A third person added, “Such a brilliant dog…smarter and more sensible than most people.”

Another user has commented as “nice” referring to the video.

“Sometimes a human being cannot educate a human being as much as an animal teaches a human being,” another user commented.

Some questioned why the dog was drinking from the tap when there was a bucket of water right there beneath it for him to drink from.

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