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Dog Set On Fire By Cruel Child Returns Home After Magical Recovery

It took nearly a year for the vets to approve the release of a stray Labrador named Buddy. Buddy was set on fire on purpose by a 12-year-old kid in the April of last year. The accident left him with serious burns. In the long run, this resulted in him having to deal with the pain for the rest of his days. However, something miraculous had happened. Buddy has miraculously recovered from serious face injuries inflicted in the assault in northern Mississippi, USA. We at Viraltrendzs wanted to share Buddy’s heartbreaking story with you since it has touched the hearts of many people around the world, including our own.


Buddy has been recovering for the last 10 months. Finally, the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine has freed Buddy and he is now free to return to his owners.

The Tunica Humane Society announced on Tuesday that he had been freed from their care. They wrote on Facebook that this was the day they had been waiting for. The day Buddy would be able to leave the hospital and return to his family.

Buddy re-entered the world today, and he now finds himself in a more loving and accepting environment. It’s been almost ten months since this adorable yellow lab was set on fire. Buddy has been treated at Mississippi State Medical Center for the last 10 months.

His supporters have praised him for persevering through each and every challenge that he has encountered along the way. He had moved each and every one of them with his courage and determination to survive.

The day Buddy left the hospital and return to his family.
Image: Pet Rescue Report

Buddy was found puzzled by a sad twist of destiny.

He was dizzy because the extension cord was wrapped around his neck. According to Mississippi Clarion-Ledger, he needed skin transplant procedures.

Reports from Newsweek state that authorities issued an appeal for information, which resulted in the child admitting to being the culprit of the incident. Despite this, he was unable to face criminal charges in Mississippi because of his age.

Image: Pet Rescue Report

Tunica Humane Society said that Buddy never lost faith in the kindness of humans, despite the horror that he had experienced.

That passion for life never faded from his face. It didn’t matter how much agony and suffering he had to go through. He instilled in them the value of never surrendering or giving up.

Betsy Swanson will look after the puppy, according to the charity. She was the one who assisted in the care of the furry companion.

Here we get to hear about the remarkable doctor who has accompanied Buddy on all of these adventures.

Image: Pet Rescue Report

Fortunately, Buddy was able to recover thanks to the efforts of Doctor Betsy Swanson. The fact that she had the skill and excitement for her profession was what drove him to the level he today has.

It’s time for Buddy to come out of his shell. It only seems sensible that Dr. Swanson should be the one to open her house and heart to him. Their anticipation and confidence that he would be able to go to her home and live with her other pets is overwhelming.

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