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Dog Finds An Old Sex Toy And Misidentifies It As A Stick, The Owner Is Humiliated.

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know that they’ll gnaw on almost everything. However, when one owner’s delighted cocker spaniel spotted an old sex toy on his daily stroll, she was embarrassed.

Doug the cocker dropped his newest treasure at Molly Fenton’s feet when she was walking her pet dog on Eastney beach, near her home in Portsmouth, on 2nd of September.

At first sight, the 28-year-old thought Doug had just discovered a stick with which to play fetch, but upon closer study, she saw the object was ‘flopping’ around. It turned out to be an old dido with a suction cup on the end.

Doug who discovered the sex toy.
image credits : whatdougiedoes

“I had just put on some clothing and brought him out to the beach near my house for his early morning stroll. He was doing his own business when he came upon what I mistook for a stick “Molly recalled something.

“So I didn’t mind if he kept it in his mouth until I saw it moved a little, like if it was flipping. I initially believed he was carrying a dead animal, so I yelled at him to ‘drop that quickly,’ and he mistook me for a game chaser.”

Doug, a one-year-old, only stopped playing when his owner approached, and he eventually dropped the sex toy at her feet, which appeared to have been burnt.

image credits : whatdougiedoes

“I couldn’t stop giggling when I realized it was a dildo.” “He went to pick it up again to play with it at 7.30 a.m., and I was in total hysterics,” Molly added.

“I had to pick it up in a poo bag to make sure no other dogs could play with it while I was in floods of tears laughing.”

“I had to keep it away from Doug since he believed we were playing a game until I located the bin where I could put it.” When I threw it out, he was clearly dissatisfied.”

Doug, according to the hairdresser, is no stranger to finding unusual objects on the beach, having previously unearthed teddy bears and children’s shoes.

“Doug’s often discovering things on his walks,” she explained, “but never anything so nasty.” “I cleaned Doug’s teeth as soon as I got him home because I couldn’t stand it.”

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