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Doctors Discover 1kg Of Nails And Screws In Man’s Stomach.

Most individuals struggle with the idea of quitting drinking. Quitting wasn’t. If you really need to give up alcohol but find it difficult or hard to do so, there are several things you can do. This is also a story of an anonymous man who has made the decision to stop drinking. He’d strangely chosen to start chewing metal bits after quitting drinking. However, it did not go well, as expected.

Doctors had to extract almost a kg of nails, screws, as well as other metal items from his stomach. He was hospitalized in the Baltic port city of Klaipeda, Lithuania, with stomach pain. He revealed that he began eating metal fragments after quit drinking.

Doctors extracted almost a kg of nails, screws, as well as other metal items from his stomach.
image credits : Erik Romanenko

According to medical officials, an X-ray of his abdomen revealed that some of the fragments were larger than 10cm (4in). Surgeon Sarunas Dailidena stated that they were able to remove all the foreign bodies including even the tiniest ones from the man’s stomach during a three-hour procedure under X-ray control.

According to the Guardian, the hospital has released a photograph of his surgery tray, which was piled high with nails and screws that had been extracted from his stomach.

Algirdas Slepavicius, the head surgeon at Klaipeda Hospital, reported to local media that they have never seen anything like this before. The man had begun eating the metal items around a month after he gave up drinking, according to the doctor. He stated that the patient’s status was stable after the procedure.

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