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Do “Vampire Deer” With Fangs Really Exist?

Thousands of different animal species may be found on the surface of the Earth. Among these creatures, the deer is a sweet and innocent creature that constantly manages to win our affection. And, as we all know, deer are not considered to be one of the most fearsome creatures on the face of the planet. There are, however, certain situations where deer seem to be more dangerous than they actually are. This is owing to the fact that they have fangs. This terrifying-looking deer attracted our curiosity, therefore we at Viraltrendzs decided to share some facts with you.

Most people would consider the “vampire deer” to be one of those animals whose physical appearance is rather unusual. Indeed, they may be mistaken for their sabertooth tiger relatives in certain situations. However, the reality is that they are exceedingly little and shy creatures. Don’t be fooled by their large pointed fangs; don’t expect to find any flesh or blood on their diet.

No antlers, but these scary fangs!

As it turns out, this was indeed true in the olden days. When deer species were first evolving, they were very small animals with antlers and fangs. To the contrary of common opinion, the progenitors of the contemporary deer species looked quite similar to some of the vampire deer who are still roaming the Earth.

Larger deer, on the other hand, underwent a great deal of evolution. In the process of becoming larger and stronger, their teeth became shorter and shorter, and their antlers grew to their current size. They were similar to those seen on elk, moose, and reindeer. Fanged deer species, on the other hand, have retained many of their progenitors’ traits. When it comes to smaller deer who dwell in dense woods and shrubs, tusks are a better option than antlers since they are less likely to get entangled in anything, as opposed to when they have antlers.

Their teeth are a formidable weapon in the event of a fight.

Image credit: Didier Descouens

Their fangs have the potential to cause significant injury. However, these calm animals would prefer to savor a lovely shrub rather than a piece of meat. Along with leaves and herbs, brambles and raspberries are included in their diet, as well as vegetables. The feeding preferences of the various fanged deer species might vary significantly from one another. In the case of the Siberian musk deer, lichen is one of their favorite foods.

Only the male deer have these distinctively shaped canine teeth, which are absent from females. Aside from that, they are used to lure female deer for the goal of breeding.

Only the male deer have fangs.

Image credit: mario.pineda

An extensive variety of deer species, in general, exhibit this trait, which is unique to them. Some examples are the musk deer, the tufted deer, the muntjac, and the water deer. It’s possible to pinpoint their common ancestry to a certain region of Asia. In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, a herd of water deer has made a name for itself in recent years. In 1929, they made their way out of the London Zoo and settled in the countryside, where they have flourished ever since. It is estimated that the United Kingdom is home to 10% of the world’s water deer.

Due to environmental deterioration and illegal hunting, many of the species mentioned above have become extinct. There had been a long-held belief that the Kashmir musk deer had vanished forever until 2014. That was the first time in 60 years that researchers encountered a lone guy in the wild. Among all fanged deer species, musk deer are the most threatened. For $45,000, a kilogram of scent glands from this species of deer may be used to make perfume. This has resulted in a significant population decline. Poaching is still taking place, despite the fact that hunting is prohibited.

Vampire deer are harmless herbivores.

Image credit: Heush

Despite the fact these vampire deer are harmless herbivores, they have one of the most unusual looks in the animal world. Although their misleading appearance could lead us to believe that we should be on the lookout for them, the reality is quite the opposite. Instead, we should concentrate on protecting these magnificent animals.

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