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Dive Crew Discovers A Misplaced iPhone With The Alarm Still Beeping In Idaho River.

An iPhone which had been dropped into the Idaho river three days prior was discovered by a search and rescue dive crew in Idaho, and the alarm was still beeping.

Idaho river
image credits :  Tom Adams

Tom Adams and his wife, Marlo, were kayaking on the Snake River when their boat capsized near the Tilden Bridge Boat Ramp, leading him to lose his iPhone, keys, purse, and fishing pole in the swift current.

Idaho river
image credits : eastidahonews.com

Adams eventually reached out to the Bingham County Search and Rescue Dive Team, who agreed to assist him in his search as a training exercise.

“They take advantage of opportunities like this to train and acquire more dive time in before real calls and more critical events like lifesaving,” Adams told the East Idaho News.”Many members of the diving team gathered at the boat ramp, donned their wetsuits, and hit the water. They had to use a safety line because of the current.”

One of the divers reappeared with his keys and his iPhone, which was still ringing an alert, after approximately 20 minutes of searching, according to Adams.

“My Sunday morning wake-up call reminder was still alarming,” Adams added.

Adams added that his fishing pole was also recovered by the crew.

A pair of German men recently rescued an iPhone that had been dropped into a Berlin canal. According to Frederik Riedel, his friend dropped his phone into the canal and attempted to retrieve it by hand, but all he found was a Nintendo Switch.

Riedel and a friend used magnets on the end of a fishing pole to locate the iPhone, which was still functional thanks to its MagSafe ring, which is supposed to assist with wireless charging.

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