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Different Types of In-Ground Swimming Pools

Suppose you want something cleaner and more reliable than a rock and muddy swimming pool in your backyard and more permanent than an underground pool; there are five main types of underground pools. It reduces the cost of building one that can be wood but will not deteriorate in a few years to a more popular and efficient one. Remember that there are variations of the main types, giving you more options.

Concrete Swimming Pool

Concrete Swimming Pool
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The traditional building material in the construction of the basement pool is concrete. On the other hand, this type of pool starts with excavation and a steel frame. As we all know, concrete is poured and sealed with a plaster coat. In recent years, options for plaster, including stone or glass and tile, have become popular. And also, a reinforced steel and concrete base is a tried and tested method of building the pool, which is exceptionally durable and easily customized to the owner’s specifications. But it is expensive, labor-intensive and anyone can engage in disruptive activities for months before using it. Another disadvantage is that concrete pools are prone to cracking due to ground settling or shifting.

Vinyl Pool

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Homeowners who work on a small budget often turn to pools with vinyl. These use a metal or plastic frame and support panels, a sand base, and a vinyl liner. The pool’s lifespan is 18 years or more if treated with UV and fungicides to prevent vinyl deterioration. Especially, they are available in non-standard shapes and sizes, making them easy to incorporate into smaller properties and blend in with existing landscaping elements. The downside of vinyl liners is that they can easily puncture, causing a pool to fail with expensive repairs.

Dunk Swimming Pool

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Dunk Pool is a recent innovation in backyard pool technology. Their engineering design is made of steel, and they are incredibly durable and take up less space than traditional swimming pools. And also, it means they can be connected to areas unsuitable for large grounds or high pools. Square or rectangular dunk pools are ideal for children and adults who like to spray or cool down and lead a healthy lifestyle with aqua fitness exercises. They are faster to install than most traditional pools. They are also user-friendly with temperature and lighting controls that integrate into a smartphone app.

Fiberglass Pool

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A popular option for making concrete is to buy a standard fiberglass shell and reduce it to excavation. Primarily, it is a high-cost solution, but this type of treatment can last up to 15 years before deteriorating. With a smooth surface, it is quite easy to maintain. It is a known fact that fiberglass pools crack and fade over time due to the nature of the material. Repairs can be completed, but often the original colors do not match, resulting in visible defects.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool

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A novice in ground floor configuration uses the sustainable practice of raising metal cargo containers to create a swimming pool. It is less expensive than a full-featured underground pool, and some models have the added advantage of being portable. Therefore, you can take it with you when you go. Shipping container pools with fiberglass liners are mostly pre-assembled and placed above the ground or partially on a concrete floor or gravel. Some models include features such as side view panels and hot tub sections. Shipping container pools do not have structural walls, leading to pooling failure, corrosion of walls, and wood flooring, leading to corrosion if not manufactured correctly.

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