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Did The Frog-Marriage Ritual To Bring Rain Really Work?

It’s mind-boggling to consider that a group of people might invoke the rain god and request him to provide rain. During times of drought, the Pagans relied on an ancient practice known as “rainmaking” to keep their lands irrigated and watered.

Depending on the severity of the drought, several techniques may be used to induce rain. These techniques vary from place to place. When it comes to rainmaking, Indians are one of the best examples.

Scientists in the UK devote a major percentage of their time and resources to the creation of strategies for reducing the rate of climate change. However, it seems that the problem may be resolved in a lot more uncomplicated way than we had previously imagined.

Nuclear power, offshore wind, and carbon capture technologies are all seen as viable alternatives by experts. But how come they never considered getting two frogs to married, like a group of folks in Gorakhpur, India, did?

Frog-Marriage Ritual were carried out in India as a novel way to deal with the country’s lack of rainfall.

Frog-Marriage Ritual were carried out in India as a novel way to deal with the country's lack of rainfall.
Image credits : ANINewsUP/Twitter

The rain god Lord Indra was pleased by a ceremony conducted by citizens of Gorakhpur, who had been suffering from extreme heat and a lack of rainfall.

On Tuesday, July 19, the gang discovered two frogs and forced them into getting married to each other.

According to Radhakant Verma, who was in charge of planning the event, there is a time-honored concept that frog weddings are staged in order to bring in rain.

They have been going through an extended stretch of dry weather, which has particularly annoyed the farmers since it has postponed the process of sowing paddy.

They had to put up with a lot of struggle in order to keep the newlyweds together. Despite this, there was a significant turnout of people to watch and participate in the event. In addition to that, there was a meeting of priests who chanted, and then, following that, there was a great meal to celebrate.

The organizers had a difficult time keeping the pair in check.

The organizers had a difficult time keeping the pair in check.
Image credits : ANINewsUP/Twitter

But did it really work? 

Surprisingly, the Daily Star reports that Gorakhpur received a heavy rain alert on July 20th, along with many other parts of the country.

For the last several days, the temperature has been around 30 ℃. Despite this, high humidity of around 84% was predicted, along with a steady stream of rain showers.

As stated in the Daily Star, India’s Meteorological Department predicts that a few isolated areas might get a severe downpour.

It’s true that the UK is expected to face extreme temperatures on a regular basis. Whoever replaces Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in September, however, should investigate if frogs can battle climate change.

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