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Descriptive Photographs Reveals A Different Side Of Iran.

Many nations exist in our lovely globe, each with its own unique characteristics. There are many cultures, norms and regulations that individuals adhere to in different countries. Some may be successful, while others may not. However, it is possible that what you see is not always what you get; there may be subtle changes that go unnoticed.

Many people consider Iran to be a troubled country. A location with stringent restrictions and regulations, for example. However, there is another side to Iran than what you see, and Hossein Fatemi has given a hitherto unknown perspective on the country. The photographs will demonstrate the country’s diversity and contrast. To see the incredible photos, scroll down.

Photo courtesy & More info : Hossein Fatemi


Different Side Of Iran revealed by photos.


The photographs shot by this Iranian photographer depict an aspect of the country that is rarely seen in the media. An Iranian Journey is a television series that allows viewers to experience a side of Iran that they may not have seen before. Despite the government’s efforts to portray itself as a devout and pious society, there is a semi-hidden component, according to the photographer.



The photographer had a difficult time capturing these images since some people refused to cooperate. There are photos of only-for-women establishments including a gym and a salon. A location where a rock performance is conducted in secret due to the country’s prohibition. Two females in a men-only billiards hall. The photographer presents a fresh perspective of her nation to the globe through her photographs.



Fatemi had done an excellent job snapping the photos despite the obstacles. As they depict the daily life of Iranians. They live their lives to the fullest, despite the fact that it is not entirely apparent to the rest of the world. 






Different Side Of Iran revealed by photos.




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