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Depressed Grey Parrot Discovers Voice, Tells New Owner To F*** Off

Jess, a nine-year-old African grey parrot, was going through a difficult time. In the tragedy of his owner’s death, he stayed silent. He started picking off his feathers since he was in such a bad mood. And now that he’s discovered his voice, he’s acquired a filthy tongue to go along with it. This fantastic story piqued our curiosity, and we at Viraltrendzs thought it would be great to share it with you.

However, Jesse has been placed in a new home owing to the efforts of animal rescuers. And he’s adjusting nicely to his new surroundings. A few of the noises he makes in conjunction with his four-letter outbursts are not very pleasant. Owner Rachel Leather says Jesse enjoys making fart sounds, cracking jokes, and using swear words.  His language is very bad.

After arriving at her house in Aberdare, South Wales, Jesse began to talk. His owner thinks that he’s showing more of his actual self. He has a unique ability to make everyone in his surroundings laugh.

After seeing him for the first time, the staff at Ashley Heath Animal Centre in Dorset understood right away that Jesse had been through a great deal.

Most of the time, the vocabulary of parrots that learn to talk by mimicking other people’s speech is rather vast. Jesse spoke to the RSPCA personnel just to say “goodbye” in a heartfelt tone.

Even though Jesse’s feather-plucking is a hard habit to overcome, he’s showing signs of recovery.

Even though Jesse's feather-plucking is a hard habit to overcome, he's showing signs of recovery.
image credits : RSCPA

In the opinion of Hannah Hawkins, a behavior and welfare specialist, it’s understandable that he would be suffering following such a significant change in situations.

He seemed depressed and lonely after the death of his beloved owner. They realized they needed to get Jesse into a family environment as soon as possible, so they acted quickly.

The sweary-mouthed bird has developed a strong attachment to Rachel, a dog behaviorist, thanks to her assistance. His relationship with her family, which consists of two dogs and five cats, is also pretty positive.

Ashton Heath Animal Centre, in Dorset, took in Jesse.

Ashton Heath Animal Centre, in Dorset, took in Jesse.
image credits : RSCPA

As soon as he learned that Rachel’s partner refers to her as “babe,” he too yells “babe” in an effort to catch her attention. Tells her to “f* off” after that. “Yes, f*ing hilarious!” Jesse screams in response to Rachel telling him that she thinks he is amusing.

In fact, Rachel claims that he even watches her boyfriend play PlayStation and chuckles when his character dies.

When he gets settled in, she can’t wait to watch how his personality and self-confidence develop. He’s adored by everyone he meets. 

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