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Mum Shares Weird Dating Rules For Anyone Dating Her Son

We Viraltrends has brought a story about a mum who has posted a list of dating rules to her Instagram for “anyone dating her son,” including threats to “make her go away”. Emma was horrified when she discovered these dating rules by her mum-in-law.

Dating can be precarious under the most favorable circumstances, yet once you bring guardians and parents in law into the condition, it can possibly get a ton more chaotic.

This is something which one young lady has discovered for herself, on account of her beau’s mum making a progression of ‘frightening’ hits at her via online media.

Emma, who passes by the name of hotgirlsareswifties on TikTok, took to the app to share a rundown of dating rules her in-law posted on Instagram, which applies to anybody “dating my son.”

She imparted the rundown to Puddle of Mudd’s She F***ing Hates Me playing behind the scenes, and truly, it seems like she probably does hate you, Emma.

Dating Rules
Emma discovered the post on her boyfriend’s mum’s Instagram (image credits : mirror.co.uk)
Many branded the post as ‘creepy’ (image credits : mirror.co.uk)

The mum’s rundown conveys various overt threats that she could “make [Emma] disappear,” or any other person who dates her child, besides, on the off chance that she disrupts any of the dating rules set out by the parent.

“On the off chance that you appear at my home resembling a stripper, I will make you disappear,” one rule peruses, while another says: “He’s a mama’s boy. Except if you have a ring on your finger, your opinion doesn’t make any difference.”

In the meantime, the dating rules list proceeds to say that on the off chance that she discovers any ‘sexts’ on her child’s telephone she will… that’s right, you got it, “make you disappear.”

Somewhere else on the apparently endless rundown of dating rules, it says: “You are not responsible for him and it isn’t your place to change him.”

“He is a gentleman, I taught him that,” it proceeds. “You better behave like a woman and merit that.”

However, maybe the creepiest threat of all peruses: “I realize how to stay away from prison.” Yep, we revealed to you they were threats.

Since sharing the clip to TikTok, Emma has been inundated with comments from other TikTok clients who have slammed the mum as ‘creepy’ for her attitude towards her child’s love life.

“Girl, she is certainly going to dress white to your wedding,” one TikToker remarked, while another added: “I’m so sorry you need to put up with that, sister.”

In the meantime, others asked Emma to dump her boyfriend, demanding it “just gets worse from here.”

What do you think, are the mum’s dating rules sensible, or altogether creepy? Tell us your opinion in the comments section.

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