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Dapper Dog Obtains Celebrity Status As A Result Of His Characteristic Floor-length Beard.

With his magnificent floor-length beard, this dapper dog has made tails wag.

The dapper dog Teddy’s hairy face feature will make any person jealous and will help him stick out in a crowd.

Nicola Wilcox, a skilled dog groomer, keeps his trademark appearance in control.

His beard is so long that it touches the floor, but it never fails to attract focus.

“He’s extremely well recognized for it,” Nicola, 50, from Hartlepool, added. Everyone adores him; they point to his beard and say, “There’s the small puppy with the beard,” and everyone comes to a halt.

Teddy's owner is a skilled dog groomer who is quite pleased with his new appearance.
image credits : Nicola Wilcox

“He’s usually the scruffiest dog on the block, yet no one can walk by him without making a remark.”

Nicola trims Ted, or Super Ted, one every month and gets his beard and tail brushed every day, according to TeamDogs.

With over five years of dog grooming practice, this could be her all-time favorite appearance. She describes the nine-year-old dog as “a mucky combination” who is “wonderful” and whose appearance complements his amusing, obstinate, and mischievous attitude.

It began with a test of how lengthy his beard can grow. Nicola is now unable to face the thought of getting rid of it. Nicola just cut it one inch and immediately despised it, thus the legendary beard is set to stay.

Teddy's beard and tail are combed every day by Nicola to keep him looking great.
image credits : Nicola Wilcox

“Teddy’s beard grows quickly, however it won’t get much longer than this,” she explained.

“As he walks, it almost rubs against the sidewalk.”

Teddy and her Shih Tzu Bobby, who is sadly no longer with her, were the ones that encouraged her to establish her own business.

“My other dog, Bobby, had a brain tumor,” Nicola explained. They were the only catalyst for me to begin grooming, and as a result, I now have a thriving business.”

Nicola currently grooms the bearded pup’s other canine companions on a daily basis.

“I trim around ten dogs a day,” she continued, “and Ted has his favorites that arrive – a cockapoo named Beau, a poodle named Charlie, and a Shih Tzu named Woody.”

If you’re wondering about growing a beard on your dog, Nicola advises keeping the lips clean. Hair wraps over their teeth, allowing germs to build up and creating an ideal environment for illness.

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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