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Dad Recreates Daughter’s Sexy Selfies, Gets More Followers Than Her

Some teenagers are so taken with the rise of social media that they make it a daily practice to post at least one picture of themselves online. As a result selfies, especially sexy selfies have become a common part of our online lives. But have you ever thought about what you would do if you found out your teen daughter was posting sexy selfies online? It is quite likely that you will advise her to delete the posts and then take possession of her phone as a kind of punishment for her actions.

The ways in which parents react to their children’s conduct might differ. This is due to the fact that every parent has their own unique approach to bringing up children. Even Chris Burr Martin, a 48-year-old dad from Washington, came up with a novel approach to stop his daughter from sharing sexy selfies on Instagram. He uploaded amusing selfies in which he parodied her sexual selfies in an effort to combat her daughter’s behavior.

It is our responsibility to approach it with decency. No matter what, we owe it to our children to treat them with respect and dignity at all times and to love and support them unconditionally. Allow them to make their own decisions, but be available to provide advice and assistance if they need it.

Chris was able to teach a key life lesson to his daughter by recreating her sexy selfies. Not only that, but he also had a chance to make fun of his little girl Cassie by getting  99.1K Instagram followers, which is a lot more than she has. He is certainly worth the effort. Here are a few of Chris’ funniest and most cheesiest moments for your viewing pleasure.

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