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Dad Married Daughter After Sisters ‘Competed For Sex’ With Him

Incest is without a doubt one of the most heinous crimes committed by human beings. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most socially taboo sexual acts. However, some sick individuals are still being held in jail for their part in the horrible act.

This is a bizarre tale of a Nebraska father called Travis Fieldgrove who was jailed for incest after having a very twisted connection with a 17-year-old – which culminated with the pair ‘marrying’ despite the fact that they were under investigation.

Two years ago, a father from the United States was convicted and sentenced to jail. And that’s for having sexual relations with a lady who shares his surname. It took three years between the first encounter of Fieldgrove and his daughter Samantha before they began having sex with each other. It is possible that Fieldgrove would have had even more sexual influence over the poor girl if he had been granted early access to her. The situation, on the other hand, is far from straightforward.

Travis Fieldgrove  with her daughter.

In the year 2000, Samantha was born, and Travis went to start a new life with someone else. He returned after she reached the age of 17.

After three years, Samantha Kershner had grown into a young woman of 20 years old. After meeting Samantha, Trаvis couldn’t keep himself from starting a sexual relationship with her. The fact that they share a surname doesn’t change the fact that Samantha is Travi’s biological daughter. Despite Travis’s assertion that they were not related in court, a DNA test revealed him to be lying.

After being accused of incest, he tried to prove that they were not connected by stating that they were not related. According to the results of DNA testing, he made up a false claim about his age. The weirdest thing about the Fieldgroves’ tale is that Samantha, despite her age, had the same level of eagerness as her father. As a matter of fact, there was never any indication that she wasn’t up for the task. Moreover, according to court documents, Samantha, who is now 21 years old, is believed to have even bet her half-sister that she would have sex with Travis first.

There was a lot more than enough revealed by the Fieldgroves’ harrowing court appearances last year. Travis’s ex-girlfriend and Sаmаnthа’s friends intervened to alert the authorities to what the two were up to. When the investigation into the couple’s illegal connection got underway, they began gloating about it on social networking sites like Facebook. Following that, they married.

Cops say that was soon after the investigation began, in a brazen gesture to defy the authorities who were seeking to put a stop to their romance. According to officials, Samantha’s desire to have sexual connections with her father arose as a consequence of a jealous rivalry with her half-sister over who would be allowed to have sexual relationships with their father.

Image Credits : Facebook

When a court-ordered DNA test revealed that they were 99 percent related, their destiny was sealed. The fact that Trаvis was her father was almost a clear conclusion. A two-year prison sentence was handed down to Travis after he admitted to the crime and pled guilty. Because of their Facebook brag any further punishment was out of the question. Sаmаntha was only sentenced to a nine-month suspended prison term. Upon his release from jail, Fieldgrove was told to stop contacting Samantha. But there is no certainty that it will really happen.

This year, Travis was supposed to be freed in January, based on his sentence. His whereabouts and relationship with his ex-daughter girlfriend’s remain a mystery. On Facebook in November of last year, Travis had expressed his desire to return home. Furthermore, he has said that being in jail once again has made him realize that life is too short and that he is weary of wasting his life.

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