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Cunning wife used poison on her privates in the hopes of killing her husband during oral sex, but the plan failed.

The anonymous woman was fed up with her husband’s refusal to divorce her, so she took dramatic measures to end their marriage for good – but it nearly killed her.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they say.

And that definitely applies to one lady, who was so enraged by her husband’s rejection to give her a divorce that she attempted to murder him in a very devious – and painful – manner.

The deadly scheme of the Brazilian was termed “cunning cunnilingus” by local media in her own country as “death by performing the deed.”

Her scheme made headlines throughout the world in 2013.

According to Tvi24 in Brazil, the woman was weary of asking her 43-year-old husband for a divorce, so she took a different approach.

image credits : brigitte

He said she tried to get him into bed with the promise of oral sex, but he was halted in his tracks by a peculiar odor emanating from her private regions.

The faithful husband was so concerned that he insisted on taking her to a hospital near their house in Sao de Jose Rio Preto.

Tests indicated she had injected enough of the unidentified poison into her vaginal region and vagina to kill not just him, but also herself.

Because the thin membranes of the vaginal canal are extremely absorbent, she would have unintentionally taken a significant amount of the toxin into her system.

image credits : thoughtco

She kept a poker face and finally revealed what she had been preparing after the test results came back – and her husband was understandably furious.

His demand that she check out, on the other hand, saved her life – but he had no sympathy for her, claiming that he meant to prosecute her for attempted murder.

Due to the “nature” of the crime, local police allegedly demanded “additional inquiry.”

It’s unclear how far they made it.

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