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Crown Shyness – The Cause For Trees To Avoid Each Other in Weird Ways.

The woodlands have their very own unique charm. Have you ever seen the treetops and wondered how they manage to avoid touching each other so gracefully while enjoying the wonders of the forest? When looking up at the trees, it appears as if they are afraid of being touched by each other. It’s not that they’re afraid; rather, it’s a natural phenomenon that can be observed in the forest canopy. Beautiful crack-like patterns are produced as a result of a condition known as crown shyness. It’s amazing how the trees keep their top branches from touching one other. In 1920, research into why this happens was begun. 


Trees Avoiding Each Other.
image credits : Dag Peak

It looks fantastic throughout the day when the sun shines down from those areas. This phenomenon may be observed in a variety of tree species all around the world. After spending time researching this incident, experts have come up with a number of theories as to why it occurred.

One theory they’ve come up with is that the trees may have collided owing to the wind that blows in high-wind zones. As a result, the space between treetops may have occurred organically in order for the trees to develop without colliding.


image credits : Patrice78500


image credits : Samuel COUNIL

Another idea is that it happened this way to provide adequate light for the plants growing below. They also claim that by spacing trees properly, invading insects will not travel through the canopy.

These theories have not been scientifically validated, yet they are widely accepted. Whatever the case may be, this natural occurrence is truly wonderful and lends the woodlands a distinct charm. Here are some more photographs of the phenomena.


Image credits : mynatureeexperiences


image credits : mynatureeexperiences


image credits : SL Chen


image credits : Mikenorton 

Let us know what you think about crown shyness by sharing your thoughts with us.

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