Home Animals Crocodile Enters a Backyard Pool at Florida.

Crocodile Enters a Backyard Pool at Florida.

When a crocodile enters to a back yard swimming pool of a woman in Florida she calls wildlife officials for assistance.

The croc is seen approaching the pool behind Maria Crego’s Tavernier house and leaping in for a dip, according to footage supplied by neighbor Lisa Lorenzo.


Crego called 911 for assistance, in the video it shows the footages of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers with a pole to flew away the croc back to where it came from.

Crocodile enters a backyard pool at Florida.
image credits: Youtube.com

The croc went away without causing any harm to anyone.

American crocodiles are a federally protected species native to the Florida Keys, with an estimated 2,000 surviving in the wild in the state of Florida.

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