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Crazy Squirrel Dumps 42 Gallons Of Walnuts In Guy’s Chevy Avalanche

A squirrel in Fargo, North Dakota, is so obsessed with walnuts that it gathered 42 gallons of the food and stashed it in a native guy’s Chevy Avalanche. The truck’s owner, Bill Fischer, said that he was on a four-day business trip. He discovered his truck loaded with black walnuts the size of limes when he got home after the trip.

The walnuts were nestled through every nook and cranny of the Chevy, along with the engine room and the fenders, as his Facebook photographs demonstrate. Fischer was able to extract sufficient material to cover seven 6-gallon buckets.

Fischer told the Grand Forks Herald that he had taken off the fenders and cleared all of the walnuts. He believed he’d cleared everything out and was driving down the road. Then he noticed a walnut moving down the windshield, just where the wipers are.

As bizarre as it may appear, this is the first time something like this has happened. According to Fischer since 2013, red squirrels have been storing walnuts from his neighbour’s tree in his vehicle every two years.

“I have other vehicles that park extremely near to that tree, and it’s always my truck.”

According to The Washington Post, even though Fischer parked his Chevy Avalanche far away from the walnut tree, squirrels had discovered the vehicle and buried walnuts inside.

Fischer has figured out how to cope with the chaotic activity over time. So when walnuts drop off from the tree, he realizes it’s time to inspect the engine. He’s also learned to wait till the tree is completely empty of walnuts before starting his cleaning.

“The squirrel will wait in the tree and observe me remove the walnuts, exactly like, ‘That’s mine, buddy,’ while I clean up his winter collection,” Fischer said.

Even yet, he was really not expecting so many walnuts this year.

Fischer stated, “The squirrel made a record.”

“I’ve always only gotten four or five 6-gallon buckets out of it. It was the seven this year.”

Fischer had to disassemble the truck’s fenders in order to collect a few of the nuts, that he’s now giving away to anyone who wanted them. He said that he’ll toss away any that aren’t taken, well to the displeasure of the squirrel.

However, the squirrel’s stock will not be totally depleted.

Fischer said the Grand Forks Herald, “I got some rolling about the frame, rails wells as well, which I can’t get at.”

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