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Covid Patients Caught Doing Drugs And Having Group Sex In A Field Hospital. Hilarious!

Covid Patients Caught Doing Drugs And Having Sex in a Thailand hospital
The Field Hospital in Thailand Image: CCSA

Following accusations that Covid-19 patients were using drugs and conducting group sex, police stormed a field hospital in central Thailand. Patients participating in group sex and getting into brawls so as a result some patients were severely injured, according to a staff member at a field hospital in Samut Prakan, southwest of Bangkok.

Officers from the Internal Security Operations Command invaded the Samut Pra Ruamjai 5 clinic, dressed in protective clothing, which is treating roughly 1,000 Covid-19-infected patients. Officers did not discover any illicit narcotics, but they did discover 23 cartons of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, which they believe were smuggled into the facility.

Surveillance camera footage was examined by officials. Patients, both male and female, are observed visiting each other’s wards. Some appeared to be using drugs as well, but the tape of them having group sex was grainy so the patients could not be identified.

Source: National Thailand

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