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Couple Chained Until Marriage to Save Their Relationship.

A couple chained themselves together for three months in an attempt to repair their romance has set a new world record, but they have no intentions to remove the welded chain anytime soon.

There names are Viktoria Pustovitova, 28 and her partner is Alexander Kudley who’s 33 years old, both from Kharkiv in Ukraine. They started this weird experiment to measure their love on Valentine’s Day. Before that they had some issues regarding their relationship.

‘We used to split up once or twice a week,’ says the narrator. “When Vika stated we had to split up again during another quarrel, I said, ‘Then I will tie you to myself,'” auto salesman Alexander recounted at the moment.

Couple Chained Until Marriage to Save Their Relationship.
The couple is chained since Valentine’s Day image credits: Londonnewstime.com

The main reason for getting chained is that they were tired of breaking up, seems like a good idea?

Anyway, even though they have confessed that they are fed up with each other, now they have to remain together chained as a couple until marriage. The couple is not even engaged yet.

They are also building up their future together while raising funds to charity as well.

Couple Chained Until Marriage to Save Their Relationship.
image credits: Reuters.com

They’ve shattered the Ukrainian and global records for the most period spent chained together as a relationship, and they’re even planning a reality show together.

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