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The Corpse is seen ‘Waving’ Through the Glass Panel of the Coffin.

Ever seen a corpse waving from the coffin when being buried? Thrilling! An unusual incident caught on camera when a corpse was being buried in Christian service in Manado, Indonesia. The people experienced a creepy movement inside the coffin.

As the priests preached prayers with the mourning family they have seen a hand and fingers moving inside the coffin’s glass panel.

At the moment the priest was saying, “God has said in the book of John. I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me he will live even though he is dead.”

After few moments it was seen that a hand moving and pressing against the coffin’s lid.

a Corpse is seen 'Waving' Through the Glass Panel of the Coffin
Image credits: Opposingviews.com

The footage went online earlier this month, so the locals exclaimed that the body might have been moving and trying to escape. But it is unsure whether the person was alive.

Yunita Ouwa commented, “Yes, he waved, maybe he was still alive and try to dig his way out.”

Toink Khan stated, “Maybe it’s a mouse.”

Apart from all the creepy statements regarding the movement of the corpse, it was actually moving due to rigor mortis and a ligament change because of decomposition.

Human bodies can move autonomously after death, according to a study published in Medical News Today in September 2019.

Human remains can alter position without any external ‘help,’ according to researchers from Central Queensland University in Rockhampton, Australia, who studied the process of disintegration. Forensic science has benefited greatly from this research.

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