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Conjoined Twins Separated Successfully After Grueling 27-Hour Surgery

In previous blogs, we at Viraltrendzs briefed you about Abigail and Brittany Hensel, the world’s most famous conjoined twins, and the way they are now living their lives. This one covers the birth of two adorable conjoined twins who were attached at the hips when they were born, similar to that story. Although they were born together, the conjoined twins in this tale were successfully separated when they were only nine months old.

Elizabeth and Mary, two Cameroonian sisters, were born in July in the year 2020. Their physical bodily parts were not the only thing they have in common. However, several internal bodily systems, like the spinal cord, digestive tract, and neurovascular architecture, were shared by both individuals.

When they left Cameroon, they were joined at the hip, but seven months later, they returned in different seats.

They were connected at the hip when they left Cameroon, but they returned in separate seats seven months later.
Credits : DHA

In the opinion of their parents, the girls who were born with the connection were in a great deal of pain when they were born. As a consequence, they were forced to seek medical assistance.

This adorable duo was sent to the Acibadem Altunizade Hospital in Istanbul for medical care when they were nine months old. A 60-member team of healthcare specialists looked for the twins during their hospitalization. They were from the hospital’s departments of urology, radiology, physical medicine, intensive care unit, rehabilitation, and cardiovascular surgery. Each one was led by hospital specialty professors who were specialists in their respective fields.

According to the mother of the twins who had surgery in Istanbul, the medical staff is very excellent. 3D models of the procedure were prepared before starting treatment on Elizabeth and Mary to ensure that everything went according to plan. On August 12, 2021, the successful completion of this challenging surgery marked the end of a seven-month preparation phase.

Elizabeth and Mary Akwe’s X-rays from Acibadem Altunizade Hospital in Istanbul, just before surgery.

Elizabeth and Mary Akwe's X-rays from Acibadem Altunizade Hospital in Istanbul, just before surgery.
Credits : REUTERS

The twins’ father, Richard Akwe, expressed his sadness and pain at the prospect of his children being unable to move about freely. He and his wife were very bothered by the crying of their babies when they were hungry.  After that, his wife tried to feed each of them separately. Despite the various difficulties she faced, she was able to breastfeed her infants for a year despite their being conjoined at the hip. When it comes to the twins, their parents see them as gifts from God. They are devoted to providing them with the best care possible.

The twin’s mother, Anne Caroline Akwe at a press appearance. She expressed her delight after seeing her daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, separated and healthy without any issues.

Richard and Anne Caroline happily show off their daughters following the surgery.

Richard and Anne Caroline happily show off their daughters following the surgery.
Credits : REUTERS

The parents of the conjoined twins never gave up hope that one day they would be able to be separated and live happy and healthy lives apart as a family. Because of the amazing work and achievement of the Turkish physicians, that dream had come true for them.

Dr. Memet Ozek was the neurosurgeon who performed the 27-hour procedure. He said that the lower portion of the spinal cord was difficult to separate during the 8-and-a-half-hour separation phase.

What exactly was the issue?

This is due to the fact that it involves four critical functions. Everything from controlling their foot movement to controlling the urinary system to being able to regulate feces to avoiding a problem in their future sexual life was controlled by it.

Each of the girls was coping with a different set of challenges.  Following surgery, the primary focus will be on keeping the girls as safe as possible.

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