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Cody Melphy Shares All The Wonderful Stuff In Tokyo’s Olympic Village That Many Of Us Haven’t Seen

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 has finally arrived, although a year later than expected, but that just adds to the excitement. People are cheering for their nations’ athletes and hope for medals to be brought home. The contests are certainly entertaining to watch, but they are only one aspect of an athlete’s Olympic experience.

What do they consume, where do they reside, and do they become friends with their foreign competitors? What is the atmosphere like at the Olympic Village?

These are the details that viewers are unaware of but are interested in learning about. Cody Melphy, a member of the USA rugby squad, decided to film his stay at the Olympic Village on TikTok, and the videos quickly went viral.

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Athletes are excitedly sharing their experiences at the Olympic Village on social media, with USA rugby player Cody Melphy being one of them.

Image credits: codymelphyrugby

Cody Melphy is a professional rugby player who joined the US national rugby sevens team in 2018. In 2019, his squad took bronze in the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. During that period, he was the team’s Captain.

The squad is currently competing in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Cody is chronicling his time in the Olympic Village because it is not every day that you get to live there. People are curious about what goes on behind the scenes, therefore his videos have gotten millions of views.

He reveals something that most people wouldn’t see when they watch the Olympics: the Village, where athletes spend their time while they aren’t competing.

Image credits: codymelphy

Cody currently has 935k TikTok followers and his videos are quite successful. The video in which he tours around the Olympic Village went extremely popular, with 19.8 million views and 3.4 million likes.

They are given lodging and are grouped with teams from the same country.

Image credits: codymelphy

So, where do the Olympians reside? Teams from various nations will be housed separately by the Japanese. The flags have also been placed on the outside of the buildings, as shown in the video.

There are 21 of these buildings, totaling 3,600 rooms, to accommodate the more than 11,000 Olympic athletes competing this year.

People were curious whether the beds were made of cardboard, which they were, but Cody demonstrated that they were strong enough to support him.

Image credits: codymelphy

Then Cody offers his audience a peek into their chambers. The bedrooms may accommodate up to eight athletes, and there are also communal areas.

In the comments section, someone inquired if the mattresses were made of cardboard, and in another video, the athlete pulls the sheets to reveal that they are. By leaping on them, he shows that they are sturdy enough to hold him.

The beds in the Olympic Village will be built from recyclable materials for the first time, according to the Japanese company Airweave, and will be sturdier than they appear. The beds are said to be able to support people weighing up to 440 pounds.

Image credits: codymelphy

Because the Village is in the Harumi waterfront district, some of the rooms offer wonderful views of the city, and Cody proves that he is one of the lucky ones.

Athletes are provided food and can pick from pizza, pasta, vegetarian, local, and other options.

Image credits: codymelphy
Image credits: codymelphy

The dining hall is the next item Cody reveals. It has two levels and serves a wide range of dishes, including pastas, pizzas, and Japanese cuisine.

Because of COVID, every care was taken, and players were given their own trays. They’re told to wash their hands and put on the gloves provided. They are all separated at the tables by plexiglass barriers.

Other athletes are also eating in the dining hall, and they appear to be pleased with the variety and quality of the meal.

The trip continues with the Olympic rings and the laundry service.

Image credits: codymelphy

The Olympic rings, of course, where all the athletes gather to take a picture, are another strange element that makes sense in the Olympic Village.

The laundry service is also necessary. However, mistakes are unavoidable, and Cody created a different video to show what happens when their clothing gets lost within the laundry piles and they have to wash them themselves.

Being able to grab free drinks from vending machines is a great benefit.

Image credits: codymelphy

Another nice option of living in the Olympic Village is that every vending machine offers free beverages.

Cody showed that they can select any drink from the vending machine and not have to pay for it since they can use the unique card given.

Special buses transport athletes to the stadium, where they are screened for security.

Image credits: codymelphy
Image credits: codymelphy

Cody adds that the athletes take dedicated buses to their contests, which is convenient because they don’t have to bother about transportation. They have regular security in addition to the COVID safety measures.

Digital displays that show how full the facilities are, as well as a team room painted in national colors, are also fascinating features.

Image credits: codymelphy

Another innovative technical move was to build digital displays that display how busy certain facilities are, allowing athletes to avoid overcrowding.

The team rooms are a great location to visit. They are all adorned in the colors of the country’s flag, with food and drinks, as Cody demonstrates.

Despite the COVID limitations, athletes have the opportunity to interact with individuals from different nations and have a designated relaxation area.

Image credits: codymelphy
Image credits: codymelphy

When asked if they get to meet athletes from other nations, Cody made a video demonstrating that they have an entertainment center where they can play table tennis, arcade games, or simply relax and watch the Olympics.

Here’s Cody showing the things at the Olympic Village that just make sense.

When people viewed Cody’s video, they had a variety of reactions.

Did you like the behind-the-scenes look at the Olympics? Maybe you overheard other athletes talking about their experiences and thought they were unique?

Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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