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Clever Dog Goes To The Cops To ‘Report Himself Lost’

The Odessa Police Department’s ordinarily peaceful night took an unexpected turn when an uninvited visitor stepped in via the main door. On his name tag, it says “Chico.” This friendly, clever dog seems to be trying to contact the Texas Police Department to report himself lost.

He was probably not at all confused. But all he wanted to know was whether the squad had any openings for K9 officers. Despite his good looks, the attractive stranger had nothing to say. However, he was very satisfied to play fetch with the cops on duty in the station lobby while they conducted the inquiry.

Aside from the other policemen who got to meet Chico, Sergeant Rusty Martin was also among them. He added that the joyous dog seemed unconcerned by the reality that he had lost.

He told The Dodo that everyone in the facility was thrilled to have him as a guest. A tennis ball has been with them. And they’d thrown it in the lobby for a while. He had been adored by everyone he came into contact with.

As soon as the initial excitement passed, the cops set out to find out from where Chico had really come from. At the time, he was bound by a leash. However, since the ID tag had come off, animal control was summoned to look for a microchip in him.

It was only after then that things began to turn. Chico didn’t seem to be in the mood to linger. He was done having fun for the night and wanted to go home alone.

According to a Facebook post by the policemen, Chico was lavished with affection and care till he decided that it was time to go. He walked out the door and was never located, despite an extensive search. In good news, the cops found him safely returning to his owner. Officers are happy to have Chico return at any moment.

He met his human father the next day, and it was a happy reunion. However, it wasn’t until Chico found a huge number of long-time friends in the police department.

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