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Child Paints A Nude Image Of His Mum And Shows It To The Assembly.

A mother was humiliated after her kid created a nude image of her and proudly displayed it in the school assembly.

Nikki Britton was cleaning up her house when she stumbled discovered an “artwork” that her son Jack had painted of her while he was in infant school. In the picture was a lady with brown hair, a wide grin, without clothes but with a pair of shoes.

The young “Picasso,” as she dubbed him, was ecstatic about his artwork and proudly displayed it before the whole school.

Nikki with her son Jack, who drew a nude image of her.
Nikki with her son Jack, who drew a nude image of her. (image credits : Nikki Britton/Facebook)

Nikki, on the other hand, stated she “wishes the ground would swallow me up.”

“So during a recent clear out, I came over this painting that my darling kid had drawn of me while he was in infant school,” she said on Facebook, sharing the experience with the Family Lowdown and Tips & Idea group.

“I first saw it at his class assembly, where my little Picasso happily displayed it in front of the entire school, along with the parents.

“I wished the ground to swallow me up because I could hear mumbles of laughing!”

“When I finally got the tiny toe rag, he replied, ‘I didn’t really have time to paint any clothing on you,'” I said.

Nude image drawn by Jack.
image credits : Nikki Britton/Facebook

Nikki claimed she had no clue what the instructor was thinking when he allowed the photo to be exhibited at assembly.

“Aren’t children absolutely wonderful?” she continued.

Many people were laughing out loud at the amusing drawing, with one commenter adding, “At least you were wearing shoes, so you weren’t entirely nude!”

“You should frame that and put it on display,” commented another.

“At first, I assumed it was Mr. Blobby,” a third person said.

“It’s the sight in your eyes that truly gets me,” someone quipped.

Others contributed stories and artwork created by their own kids.

“My four-year-old recently drew two beautiful portraits of me at school. However, he has sketched my boobs and given them a smiling face in both images!” a member of the group disclosed.

Another individual added: “At school, my daughter was assigned to create a self-portrait, but she said she depicted me… I resemble a pink potato, allegedly.”

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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