Home Weird News Carpenter’s X-rated carving was discovered 800 years later in a church ceiling.

Carpenter’s X-rated carving was discovered 800 years later in a church ceiling.

800 years later, a carpenter who covered a rude carving in a church roof was discovered.

The work had been concealed from view until the church erected a new café, which revealed the amusing woodwork.

The rude carving.
The rude carving is thought to have been covered for almost 800 years. (Credit: Stotallytob3r)

When a picture of the man showing himself in the ceiling of All Saints Church in Hereford became popular online, it startled church-goers.

A nude guy lifting his legs in the air, displaying his genitalia to the world, is depicted in the sculpture. This is a controversial choice for such a holy place.

The revelation startled parishioners at the church in Hereford. (Credit: Facebook/All Saints Church)

The church roof was said to have been started around 1200AD and completed around 1330.

But it wasn’t until the 1990s, when a new gallery with a café was erected, that he was discovered.

The reclining nude figure, known as Seamus O’Toole, is said to have been carved into the rafters in the 15th century.

Thousands of others commented on the Reddit thread, joking that it was wonderful to know that trolling wasn’t new.

“He probably sat in the cathedral, staring up at it, knowing no one else knew it was there, tittering to himself,” one witness speculated.

“Words can’t convey how much I adore this,” another commented.

“Never in a million years did the individual who produced this anticipate thousands of people around the world would see it,” someone else said.

The contemporary café was erected in the 1990s, and the church-goers were amused by the rude sculpture. (Credit: Facebook/All Saints Church)
The obnoxious piece of artwork was discovered while the church was building a new café. (Credit: Facebook/All Saints Church)

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