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Campers watched scary video and realize they are not alone.

A couple of campers took a video of themselves resting around their campfire, they were shocked to discover something strange when they reviewed the clip.

The camper in the video, shared to TikTok by @carterbooth, is filming the flames while their friend cuts up additional wood.

As they pan about, the shadow of a weird figure emerges from the night sky, perched atop a rock overlooking the camp.

Since the TikToker published it four days ago on August 15, the video has been seen over 4 million times.

“Never been so disturbed,” he stated in the caption and many viewers agreed.

“It’s the friend they didn’t invite,” one individual explained.

“Hold on,” a second joked, “let me get my feet under my blanket first.”

Someone else said, “It’s Michael Myers, and you’re going to die.”

image credits : TikTok / @carterbooth

“It’s everything, they’re afraid of everything,” a fourth user joked.

Some users were dubious, with one person asking, “Who randomly aims the camera like that?”

Whatever the case may have been, the majority of people were pleased that the campers were unharmed and lived to tell the terrifying story.

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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