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Britain’s Most Tattooed Guy Still Seeking For Love

If dating app Tinder is any evidence, Britain’s most tattooed guy is in high demand as a single man. On the dating app, the 42-year-old receives matches with ease. A number of casual dating have occurred between him and other women. Sadly, nothing big has come of it. Body Art was born Matthew Whelen, but now he goes by the name Body Art. The tattoo addict thinks that some women can’t see past his tattooed body.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star on World Tattoo Day, he revealed that his Tinder app is constantly filled. And he is always going on dates, but none of them ever seem to lead to anything serious or lasting. Some folks think he’s more of a man who likes to hang out with his friends. He claims that ladies on Tinder often question his tattoos.

Body Art has tattoos covering more than 90% of his body.

Image: instagram.com/kingofinkland79

According to a body modification enthusiast, Tinder isn’t simply about an individual’s personality for some individuals. They must be fascinated with you on a physical level. He estimates that nine out of ten individuals who match with him on Tinder will inquire about his tattoos. He’s grown almost robotic in his response to it.

He was designed to answer specific questions in a particular way. If you think about it, it’s nearly as natural as asking, “Welcome to McDonald’s, what can I get you for your order.”

Before the outbreak, Birmingham-based Body Art railed against “shallow” women, claiming that they would only bed with him if he can pique their interest with his looks.

It was reported that Body Art planned to have a family in 2019.

Image: instagram.com/kingofinkland79

His social life in 2019 has been quite busy according to him. But he hasn’t had much success finding a partner. His tattoos scare a lot of ladies, and a lot of other women are intrigued by them. When you see him, you either love him or hate him.

Then he said that he was almost 40 years old. So because of this, he wants to marry and have children. However, he understands that his appearance may be a problem for certain individuals.

In 2009, he was stabbed as a result of his tattoos.

Image: instagram.com/kingofinkland79

The majority of females are superficial and only interested in men who look like they belong on Love Island. Others are attracted to him only because of his inked appearance.

He’s now 42 years old, and he hasn’t found his soulmate in three years. Although his eyes have been tattooed, Body Art stays optimistic and maintains a positive outlook on life.

Body Art never intended to be the most tattooed guy in the United Kingdom.

Image: instagram.com/kingofinkland79

He admitted to having romances and other such things in the past. His current status is that he is single, however, he has a few female pals. Diverse types of people are drawn to you. One of the women he was dating was somewhat of a psychopath. While out with his girlfriend, he saw that she didn’t care for the looks and other attention he was getting from others.

As someone who has had more than 90% of his body tattooed during his adult life, Body Art is used to people gazing at him. Since he was nine years old, he’d had a desire to have a tattoo and finally got one when he was 18. His own record was broken in 2016 when 36 artists were allowed to ink his body simultaneously.

While out in public, he attracts attention because of his facial tattoos.

Image: instagram.com/kingofinkland79

His most traumatic event was getting stabbed in 2009 because of his outlandish look. But now it’s only a matter of balancing judgment and curiosity in his mind. And, while on the subject of the interest he receives, he detailed last week how children at Tesco point at him and call him “scary.”

What was his opinion on it?

In both yes and no ways, of course. It’s weird because he wants to be a colorful shadow, but it’s difficult when you’re a huge, colorful comic like him.

For example, if someone asks you a question while you’re out, you should respond politely. However, when you’re out with your buddies and they’ve all heard the same questions a thousand times, it might become a little annoying.

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