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Brave Dog Who Saved Owner From Mountain Lion Dies Weeks Later

Our four-legged furry friends have the same qualities of heroism and self-sacrifice as we humans do. That is why we have decided to honor the brave dog “Eva” for her selfless deed of defending her loving owner from a mountain lion attack. 

We at Viraltrendzs truly feel that “Eva,” the brave and wonderful life-saving angel, has a lot to teach us all from her heartbreaking story.

Eva with her loving owner Erin Wilson.

Eva with her loving owner Erin Wilson
Credits : eva_the_mal

Eva is a two-year-old Belgian Malinois dog. A mountain lion attacked Erin Wilson and her pet while they walked along the Trinity River in Northern California on May 16.

At that time, Eva had stepped on behalf of her owner to provide protection. As a result of the mountain lion’s effort to clamp its jaws around Eva’s skull, she was left with severe head injuries that jeopardized her life.

She had been fighting against her condition for 24 days when she finally gave up the fight early last Wednesday. At 9:20 that morning, Erin shared the news on Instagram, noting that they had said their goodbyes to Eva.

Over the course of the night, Erin saw that Eva’s condition had not changed at all. It was an emotional goodbye between her and her beloved pet.

Erin had always considered Eva to be her greatest friend, her light, and her world.

Erin had always considered Eva to be her greatest friend, her light, and her world.
Credits : eva_the_mal

According to a statement she made to The Sacramento Bee the mountain lion lunged at her and clawed at her shoulder after tearing through Erin’s jacket. It had then begun to growl at her.

Erin had called out Eva’s name for aid. Eva had then rushed up to her since she was walking in front of Erin without a leash at the time of the incident. It wasn’t long until Eva, who weighed roughly 55 pounds, slammed the beast.

It had only been a matter of seconds since Eva and the monster had fought. It didn’t take Erin long to figure out what was happening when she heard Eva’s screaming. The monster had grasped Eva’s skull during the fight.

The beast fought back as Erin tried to strangle and gouge out its eyes with rocks and sticks. The mountain lion, however, refused to let go of Eva. So Erin rushed back to her car to get a tire iron and ask for assistance from passing vehicles.

The Mountain lion attacked Erin and Eva along Northern California’s Trinity River.

Mountain lion attacked Erin and Eva along Northern California's Trinity River.
Credits : eva_the_mal

Another hiker by the name of Sharon Houston was in the area when the attack took place. Houston agreed to help Erin rescue Eva from the mountain lion.

According to Houston a four-foot PVC pipe and pepper spray were among her weapons of choice. As a team, Erin and Houston bravely fought to save Eva from the grips of the mountain lion. Eva was able to escape and make her way to Erin’s pickup truck thanks to Houston’s pepper spray, which drove the beast to release Eva and run away.

Erin was taken aback at first since Eva seemed to be ok.

However, Erin saw Eva had many puncture marks on her face when she examined her more closely. And Eva’s mouth was dripping with blood.

Unfortunately, Eva was unable to recover from her severe injuries.

Unfortunately, Eva was unable to recover from her severe injuries.
Credits : eva_the_mal

Erin didn’t waste any time in getting her sick puppy to the nearest emergency vet clinic. Sadly, Eva started to suffer from fits. Her condition began to worsen during the whole time of the car ride, which was about an hour and a half.

Erin was informed by the veterinarian that Eva’s skull had been fractured in two separate places. In addition to that, she had a significant amount of swelling around her left eye, and she had a hole punctured in the sinus cavity.

However, they countered that she was still young and in excellent health, which gave them hope that things would work out.

Despite the greatest efforts of the vets, Eva’s health continued to worsen day by day. They were not successful in saving her life and she died away early on Wednesday morning.

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