Home Weird News Boyfriend suggests naming their new cat after his ex-girlfriend - Girlfriend suspects.

Boyfriend suggests naming their new cat after his ex-girlfriend – Girlfriend suspects.

After a man suggested naming their new cat after his ex-girlfriend. Also, he flatly refused to accept any other name, a lady has become suspicious of her lover.

The lady, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed she came up with numerous names for their new pet but that none of them appealed to her spouse.

He said that some were ‘too plain,’ while others were ‘too common,’ and that only his ex-girlfriend’s name would fit the cat.

The woman said that she was aware that it was a “silly hill to die on”. But she didn’t want to call it that and couldn’t understand why her boyfriend was so insistent.

She took to Reddit to say: “My boyfriend’s sister’s cat recently had kittens, and we intend to adopt one. We’ve been discussing various names for our new little companion as we’ve been buying items and making our house ready for her.

“The name of my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is his top candidate for the cat”. It’s a name he’d never heard before meeting her and still associates with her 100 percent.

“I admit it’s a lovely name, but I don’t want to name our cat after his ex-girlfriend”. My partner believes I’m being overly concerned about this and that it doesn’t matter now that his ex is gone. But I don’t want our cat to be connected with his ex.

“My partner rejected the names I offered”. ” He says it is ‘too simple,’ ‘too common,’ or ‘too old-fashioned,’ and he refuses to compromise.”

Other Reddit users were eager to comment on the post when she shared her tale online. They were saying that her boyfriend’s actions were strange and that they, too, would be suspicious.

“Sounds like you now have two pets – a kitten and a pretty large elephant in the room,” one commented.

A second concurred, adding: “He wants to name a cat after his ex, which is bizarre. It’s really strange.”

“This is strange, and it feels like he’s still clinging to her,” a third person said.

“It clearly gives the idea he isn’t over her,” a fourth user remarked.

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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