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Blood Skateboards Of Tony Hawk Sell Out Overnight.

Look, it may be difficult to get eyes on your amazing new product in the world driven by consumers, you know?? Cue Tony Hawk, who unleashed 100 boards of his own blood in a marketing move that appeared bloody to work brilliantly, as all of them sold out overnight.

The boards were made in a collaboration with the water company Liquid Death. Hawk’s blood was blended with the red paint used on the boards.

image credits : Liquid Death/Youtube

“Yes, these skateboards truly contain @tonyhawk’s true blood. Yeah, we first sterilized it. Have your very own Birdman piece today,” states Liquid Death’s social media post. “Disclaimer: Though it will possibly make the world a nicer place, don’t ever use these boards to make clones of Tony Hawk.”

In the post was a video with blood taken from the veins of the pro skateboarder. The video features Hawk clutching a liquid death can because, without the right product placement, what is the purpose of collaborating with the GOAT skater?

Hawk shared about the collab on Instagram.
image credits : Liquid Death

image credits : Liquid Death/Youtube

The boards were named as Hawk Blood Deck and were sold for around $500 (approximately $688). Liquid Death claimed that 5Gyres and Skatepark Project would benefit 10percent of the revenues. A picture of the company’s “Thirst Executioner” with a hawk skull is shown on the bright red skateboard.

It appears as though Tony Hawk took a page from the book of Lil Nas X, who was in hot water, but in heaven of publication when he opened Satan Shoes with a drop of the rapper’s blood.

A advertising video shows Hawk having his blood taken.
image credits : Liquid Death/Youtube

Lil Nas X has put two cents into Hawk’s blood boards, of course, not a single one to miss an advertising chance.

“There was no public outcry now that Tony hawk had released skateboards with his blood on them, are you all ready to accept that you were never truly upset with the blood in the shoes? And for any other reason you could have been mad?,” he said on Twitter.

Watch the advertising video that shows the blood of Tony Hawk blended onto the board:

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