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Blind Dog Realizes When Her Owner Drives Her To The Park

The quantity of doggy stuff I’m exposed to on the internet has changed dramatically in recent years. Every day, a new dog-related viral image,.gif, or video appears in the social feeds of our favourite sites. Dogs are having a good time on the internet. Among the massive quantity of photographs and videos uploaded to the internet every day, a clip with pure, emotional content about a blind dog became famous.

Allie Miller uploaded a video on Facebook about how her Pyrenees dog Kida sensed they were going to the park. This isn’t a typical dog clip. Due to a highly uncommon occurrence of autoimmune illness, Kida had both of her eyes removed.

Despite the fact that she is blind, Allie claims to be just like any other dog. Kida hasn’t allowed her disability to differentiate her from other canines. With her great heart, this sweet puppy has managed to capture the attention of a large number of people on the internet. So, we at Viraltrendzs decided to share Kida’s wonderful tale with you in this post.

More info & Image courtesy: kidathepyr | tiktok.com


Kida before the surgery.

Kida isn’t going to let her limitations hold her back. She likes barking at things and visiting the park, just like any other dog. In the TikTok video, his adorable puppy pops her head out of the shutter as they reach the park. She also has four other doggy friends with whom she adores playing. She’s also familiar with how to travel to this park on her own because she visits it regularly.













We used to take her to the dog park all the time before she went blind 🥺 #greatpyrenees #dog #puppy #foryoupage

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