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Blind Cat Finds forever home and Online Fame for his Distinctive Look.

We Viraltrendzs, have brought an interesting story about a beautiful and unique blind cat. Hope you’ll enjoy!

The name of this blind cat is Pico, he had a very pathetic life after getting hit by a car as a stray cat in the streets. But later he found life after getting adopted by Marie-Josiee and Monica.

Pico the unique blind cat.

Video credits: Caters Clips

Pico is a blind Norwegian Forest cat. He lives in Canada in her new home. The cat is very unique for his big blue and round blind eyes.

Comparing with other cats Pico is completely different because of his unique eyes. It was after Glaucoma in his eyes which made them look like big and blue round eyes.

Pico is nine years old, he was put into coma for three days after getting hit by a car. He recovered soon afterwards.

Marie-Josiee and Monica went to see Pico at the vet’s office where he was being treated, they knew they had to give him the forever home he deserved. A happy ending is something we all like. The poor blind cat finally got a forever home.

blind cat
Pico is all over internet (image credits: Mirror.co.uk)
When Glaucoma gets developed his eye color changes eventually (image credits: Mirror.co.uk)
blind cat
image credits: nl.newsner.com

Pico’s owners noticed his normally green eyes had began to turn grey when he was a young kitten, so they took him back to the veterinarian, where they got to know that he’s suffering from glaucoma in both eyes.

Marie-Josiee said,”Earlier Pico had green eyes, but later he was infected by glaucoma that is when his blindness was caused.”

“He gets along OK most of the time, although he does occasionally stumble into things. He knows his way around the home like the back of his hand.”

What is your opinion about this beautiful little fur baby?

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